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About Yellowstone Valley Farmers Market
We are an organization that has come together by the same deep seeded desire to offer our very own home grown products for everyone to enjoy.  Our mission is to keep the Market at a 50:50 ratio meaning growers:food vendors.  This has changed substantially over the years due to the decrease in growers.  The organization caters to the local vendors in Yellowstone County by have allowed surrounding areas to come in if there isn't a like vendor already.  

We hope you enjoy the market as much as we enjoy the environment, the people, and all the fabulous vegetables, fruit, snacks, meat products, hot and ready to eat foods like egg rolls and crepes, the overall environment.  Come see us again, we are here for 12 or 13 weeks during the summer starting in July ending first weekend of October.
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Our Mission
To operate a world class Farmers Market that contributes to the success of local food growers and producers, and create a vibrant community gathering.
Yellowstone Valley Farmers Market was founded in 1985 by a group of local residents who wanted a place for local farmers and growers to display and sell their products.  We take pride in offering produce and food exclusively.  Some of the original venders from 34 years ago are still with us today!!!