Yellowstone Valley Farmers Market

Single Spaces are 24’x18’ 
Double Spaces are 48’x18’ 
Triple Spaces are 72’x18’ 

Season Pass Holder:
            Single Space (SPH1)  $275.00

            Double Space (SPH2)  $550.00

            Triple Space (SPH3)  $825.00       ​

Non-Season Pass Holder / Market: Local
             Single Space (NSPH1) $30.00  

             Double Space (NSPH2)  $60.00

             Triple Spaces (NSPH3) $90.00 

Non-local Single Space  (NSPHNL1) $65 weekly

One time Registration Fee  $40.00​

Attend Vendors Meeting in Spring  - Skip the Registration fee if you attend. 

Vendors Information Page
Please fill out the registration form (to the left) to sign up for the Yellowstone Valley Farmers Market.  

New Vendors:  Just because you complete a registration form does not guarantee you a space at market, there are several factors to determine eligibility and availability.  
Question about the forms, please contact us.
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